15 Nov

Silver’s Shine Brightens Up All Colors.

Sterling silver bangle bracelet from etsy.com. Filigree paneled Venetia wallpaper (SL5724) from Ronald Redding Designs Silver Leaf II. Oscar de la Renta resort runway silver ensemble.

Silver, Platinum, Copper, and Gold all are highly prized metals and have been for as long as humans have been seeking to decorate themselves and their homes. Silver has never been as popular as gold in the earlier years, but lately the neutral metal has been making strides both in the world of fashion as well as that of the interior designer.

Gold, being a warmer toned metal, tends to clash with cooler colors, but silver is much more neutral, and thus can either work with warm colors by adding a white and gray accent to stand out or emphasize cool colors.

You may visit our store located on 26 South Street in Westborough for any sort of help with silver or unique, one of a kind metallic accessories and themes!

As we become better and better at imitating its beauty, metallic fabrics and silver jewelry and decorations are becoming an eye catching conversation starter as well as a wonderful way to brighten up a room and add a wide variety of tones and hues, especially when the metal has a deep patina to it.

Do not be fooled by tarnish being sold as patina, though! Patina is oxidization from being used, and on silver will be present in the fine details of your piece. Tarnish is an overall darkening or browning that occurs from the pollutants in the air.

Maintaining your silver will not only help remove tarnish, but also add to your patina. Do not be worried about surface scratches though, as they will do nothing but help bring out the tones, enhance your patina, and help create a soft finish.  If you have antique silver we suggest hand polishing, as chemical dips or dish-washing will remove your patina and decrease the value, so do be careful!

08 Nov

Sudbury Residents Enjoying the Fall

Sudbury’s true beauty comes out in the embrace of the fall season. One of the town’s biggest attractions is the Old Grist Mill Museum,  which is part of the Longfellow Wayside Inn. This museum is also still a functioning  mill that grinds grain for sale and use at the inn. When it comes to the fall, there is nothing quite like visiting a farm or inn or enjoying the quieter side of life.  There is also a beautiful stretch of woods behind the Mill and Inn that is the perfect spot to enjoy Sudbury’s quiet atmosphere and nature and to draw inspiration from it.

We at Decor Custom Interiors love to use nature to inspire our selves and our customers. We specialize in classic decor and for Subury residents, can assist in bringing the classic style to a town that has such value in its history and its culture.  We carry a wide variety of ready-made window treatments and  products from well renowned trusted brands such as Hunter Douglas Blinds and Shades, as well as wallpaper from Thibaut, Schumacher, Brewster and York and fabric from Robert AllenKravet, and Duralee.  Leaves, geometric designs, textures, and non-flower prints such as leaves or dots, and smooth tailored looks are the current trends, as more and more homeowners go with simplicity. Cornices with side panels are also the go to option as well as roman shades, which we provide in a variety of fabrics. In hard window treatments, shutters and silhouettes are the most eye catching choice to pick from. As Thanksgiving is approaching us, now is the most opportune time to upgrade your interior, refresh your home, and impress family and friends.