30 Apr

Watch Out Home Depot & Lowe’s! Ace Hardware is open in Westborough, MA!


As an Independent business that has been in Westborough for 33 years, We love the Merchant. Large corporations are never the merchant. This holds true even in a corporate store… In the Trader Joe’s I shop in frequently in Union Square of Manhattan, There is one woman who is the merchant, manager, entrepreneur and face of the store. While Trade Joe’s is the store she is the Merchant of that store. We Welcome having a business that is privately owned with the support of a company like Ace to be competitive!

The building has been renovated. It is a great location to the downtown village of Westborough. Check out the great use of color with the Adirondack Chairs in bright colors.(are they wood? or a faux..they look great regardless)Great Visual like Furniture Brand Maine Cottage Furniture! Color is power is message! Love the upscale clean design of the facade.

As a business that was a long time customer of Village Lumber. We wish Westborough Ace Hardware tremendous success! A new hardware store is always a great for last minute screws, fasteners for our custom window treatment Installations!

28 Apr

After a long hiatus, Decor has partnered with Thibaut design!


Decor Custom Interiors is now offering an iconic design brand that dates back to the late 1800’s Thibaut Wallpaper & Fabric, now knows as Thibaut Design! What We love about Thibaut is the American Heritage of a brand, attention to art and craftsmanship and the connection to the future. We are excited to be featuring Thibaut as one of our core brands. Their new furniture line epitomizes the high end quality that Decor’s loyal clients expect!

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07 Apr

Color of the Month April 2015: Sunglow

The snow has melted, the flowers are blooming, and spring is finally in the air! As the weather grows warmer, the atmosphere in your home follows suit. You can add a taste of this lively season into your home by incorporating touches of glowing, radiant colors such as Sunglow. The intensity of such bright hues leaves a pleasant and joyful impression that mimics an outdoor spring environment.Decor COM aPRIL